What Our Patients Say

Husband With PE

I am very pleased with the results that I have achieved with the help of Boston Medical Group.  It has changed my life dramatically for the better and I would recommend this to anyone.- Carlos, Altamonte Springs, FL

The staff is courteous and very professional. The treatment program brought my relationship back to life and gave me the motivation to go on living. My wife is happy again and as a result, so am I. - Barry, Washington DC

Now, to me, age is entirely irrelevant.  Had someone told me that the results that I experienced were at all possible … or even mildly possible to achieve, I must, with all honesty, tell you that I would not believe them had I not experienced them myself.  To say the least, thank you. - Joseph, Van Nuys, CA

My girlfriend and I are so much happier and are enjoying the best sex ever.  I thank Boston Medical Group. - Stephen, College Park, MD

... In dealing with ED for ten years, this is the only office that did exactly what they advertised. But, they went one step further to live up to their promise as caring and understanding people. It was so refreshing to have someone speak to me like an intelligent adult and take great pains to make sure I understood everything that was happening. Thank you for helping me to overcome a long term problem. My wife of 35 years has stood by me during this long quest to regain our sex life and she is delighted also. - Reece, Dallas, TX

I can not express my gratitude for all that you have done for my marriage … I am so pleased that we both can enjoy the pleasure and marital bliss of the great satisfaction we both experience now. I was very embarrassed to even think about talking about this problem and I thank God that he let me see how utterly stupid it was for me to feel that way. You and the staff at BMG made me feel very much at ease and your professionalism was very impressive. - George, San Francisco, CA

Great Visit.  I felt very comfortable and informed.  The office has a great amount of integrity and made an overwhelming impression on me. - David, San Francisco, CA

My association with Boston Medical Group has been nothing but comfortable, relaxing, and of course, successful.  The response from the doctor and his staff has been great. - Booker, Seattle, WA