Questions About Fixing ED?

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Boston Medical Group: Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Boston Medical Group’s treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) are so effective that most men get results in their initial consultation; even men that can’t take ED pills! When you make an appointment at Boston Medical Group you’ll get a complete assessment to find the root cause of your particular case of ED or PE.

What you can expect at your initial appointment:

• A Doppler ultrasound to determine the quality of blood flow to the penis and a biothesiometry to determine if there is any nerve damage to the penis.
• The administration of your initial treatment. Most men have a very positive reaction to their initial treatment and will be ready to perform that night.
• A consultation with real doctors who take pride in maintaining your privacy in a comfortable setting.

Ready to get real results in as little as one visit? Make an appointment and see how The Boston Method can work for you by calling 877-895-7615.