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Can’t Get it Up? We Have Solutions.

If you’re having problems attaining an erection, you’re not alone. Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction doesn’t only affect older men, but men of all ages. There are many physical and psychological problems that can greatly affect your ability to achieve a strong erection, here are a few:

• Hypertension (high blood pressure) can damage blood vessels; making it difficult to get adequate blood flow to the penis.
• Depression can cause a decrease in libido and the medications used to treat it can make it very difficult to get it up.
• Diabetes can create high cholesterol, high blood pressure and arterial damage, making it difficult to have strong or lasting erections.

If you are suffering form the following health issues or are unsure why you’re having trouble getting it up, consult a physician at Boston Medical Group. Through The Boston Method®, they can diagnose and treat your erectile problems and get you back to peak sexual performance - sometimes in just one visit!

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Can’t Get it Up? Erectile Dysfunction is a Serious Problem

Can’t get it up? Your troubles with getting it up could be symptoms of a larger health issue. If you can’t get it up, it could mean that you’re having troubles with blood circulation, depression, hormonal problems or damaged blood vessels. Many times, men who can’t get it up encounter relationship problems that stem from an unfulfilled sex partner or reproductive problems.

Can’t Get it Up?

The physicians and urologists at Boston Medical Group have been helping men who can’t get it up for over a decade. Many men who can’t get it up can have their erectile problems treated and, ultimately, cured after just one visit!