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For over 15 years Boston Medical Group's network of independent physicians has dedicated its practices to treating Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation and Low Testosterone. Using a proprietary diagnosis and treatment process, the physicians provide personalized treatment programs that enable most men to see results within minutes. Boston Medical Group is considered the world's largest such network helping over one million men worldwide.

Dysfunction (ED)

Having problems achieving or maintaining erections?

Ejaculation (PE)

Are you reaching orgasm too soon even with minimal penile stimulation?

Low Testosterone

Does your age affect your sexual performance?

  • For 2 years, I had trouble in bed. Sometimes just getting aroused was a problem and maintaining an erection was getting more and more difficult. I felt as if my manhood was on the line. My wife was really understanding but I felt like I was being a less than ideal husband. The help I received at Boston Medical Group has turned my life around and improved my marriage. Kevin Boyd, 46, Bensalem, Penn

  • I have had trouble with erectile dysfunction since my 20s. I was married for a time, but this problem eventually led to my divorce. I thought that my life was going to be like this forever and it depressed me. Everything changed after I went to Boston Medical. I have my sex life again and I’m living fully everyday.Matthew Z., 39, Los Angeles, Ca

  • I am married with 4 kids. As I’ve gotten older, my virility has been challenged. I’ve tried everything to turn things around…Viagra, gels, pellets…everything. I began having no hope of ever satisfying my wife again and I was afraid it could lead to infidelity. My situation drastically improved after being diagnosed and treated at Boston Medical Group. For everyone living a life of uncertainty because of erectile dysfunction, there is hope.Will Thompson, 46, Houston, Tx

  • I can remember the worry I felt the moment I learned that I had low testosterone. It was the reason I had been feeling depressed for a while now , which has caused my sex life to suffer. Everytime I looked at my wife I felt powerless and devastated with my inability to perform. I finally decided to consult Boston Medical Group to receive treatment and support for my condition.. They helped me get my normal life back and nothing could get any better than that. Kerry Smith, 48, Houston, Tx

  • I have been happily married to my wife for 22 years and we used to have a satisfying sex life until recently as I have really lost my sex drive. I didn't think this was an issue until my wife finally confronted me about it and told me we needed to make a change. She told me that I need to ask for help. We went to Boston Medical Group and we found out that I had a Low-T condition. Now, I’m back on track and my wife & I have never been any happier and fully-satisfied. Mark Ruperthson, 51, Los Angeles, Ca

  • Not being able to satisfy my wife has create some distance in our relationship. I tried every tip I read on the internet, but none of them worked and just caused me more frustration. So, I finally decided to consult with Boston Medical Group and I am glad I did. I was treated that day, went home and was able to perform beyond my expectations. I am so glad I found someone that could help me.Martin Clark, 47, San Diego, Ca

  • My wife and I were at the verge of getting divorced. We have not felt close for many months now and it had turned our relationship towards the worst. I was experiencing something nobody should ever go through premature ejaculation. I decided to visit Boston Medical Group and they changed my life forever. I underwent treatment and my life has not been the same since...I am a new man! Peter John Scott, 39, Austin, Tx

Typical Appointment Steps

Book an Appointment

The initial consultation will last for about 2 hours in order to properly diagnose your condition and formulate a treatment recommendation. Contact us for available appointment times.

Diagnosis and Evaluation

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of your medical history, and may include up to 4 diagnostics tests, including blood flow analysis and nerve functionality.

Treatment Plan

After a series of diagnostic tests, the doctor will formulate a personalized treatment plan for you using our patented method for diagnosing and treating Sexual Dysfunction & Low T.