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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Studies show that 35-75% of men with diabetes will have some trouble with erectile dysfunction within their lifetime. Erectile dysfunction also begins to appear up to 15 years earlier in life for men with diabetes.

How Does Diabetes Cause ED?

  • Poorly controlled diabetes can result in high levels of blood sugar. This can damage blood vessels, blocking the release of nitric oxide, which can significantly reduce blood flow to erectile tissues.
  • Diabetes causes high blood pressure in many men. High blood pressure can damage blood vessels, preventing an erection.
  • High cholesterol is also very common in diabetes patients. This can result in fatty deposits in arteries and blood vessels that work to reduce blood flow to the penis.

Tailored Treatments for Diabetes Patients With ED

However damaging diabetes can be to male sexual performance, The Boston Method® allows our physicians to tailor a specific treatment program for diabetes patients to help them achieve strong and reliable erections. Our physicians can help find the treatment right for you and you specific medical needs. (Such as a diabetes diagnosis.)

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For additional information on the connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction, please visit our Diabetes & ED resource website.