Questions About Early Ejaculation?

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Early Ejaculation

Are you having trouble lasting long enough in bed to satisfy yourself or your partner? Don’t worry, as many as one in three men report having some difficulty delaying ejaculation during sex. If you are experiencing early ejaculation, Boston Medical Group can help. Through our patented treatment, The Boston Method, we’ve helped tens of thousands of men overcome early ejaculation and raise their sexual confidence for good through intracavernous pharmacotherapy (ICP).

About ICP:
• These fast-acting shots can have you ready for action in as little as five minutes.
• Erections induced by an ICP injection do not subside after ejaculation but only after the medication wears off, so you can continue to please your partner even after you’ve finished.
• ICP can help men last for up to an hour.

You shouldn’t have to deal with early ejaculation, get help for sexual dysfunction by calling Boston Medical Group today at 877-282-6047.