Questions About Erectile Dysfunction Solutions?

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Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Having a difficult time maintaining an erection? You’re not alone. Over 52% of men between 40 and 70 have some difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. The good news is that there are many highly-effective treatments available for men no matter what the cause of their erectile dysfunction.

Popular Boston Medical Group Erectile Dysfunction Solutions:

Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy (ICP) – Our most effective treatment involves a pain-free injection of vasodilators to open up the blood vessels in the penis, allowing it to become engorged with blood, creating an erection. ICP is also popular with men who experience premature ejaculation because it can help them stay hard for up to an hour.
Oral ED Pills – These popular pills can help men achieve a lasting erection but are not effective for everyone including those who take nitrates for chest pain.
Hormone Replacement Therapy – Low testosterone levels are a leading cause of erectile dysfunction. Through replacement therapy many men regain their sexual function and enjoy improved mental and physical health as well.

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