Questions About Erectile Dysfunction Medication?

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Get FDA-Approved Erectile Dysfunction Medication

There are many herbal ED pills on the market that claim to help men who have difficulty attaining and maintaining an erection. But, these pills are not only ineffective but many times they can be dangerous. Boston Medical Group offers real, FDA-approved erectile dysfunction medication that can have men back in action in as little as one appointment.

Here are a few of our most effective erectile dysfunction medications:

Alprodastil – whether used in an intracavernous pharmacotherapy injection or as a MUSE intra-urethral suppository, alprodastil is highly effective at opening up the penile arteries and increasing blood flow to the penis.

Sildenafil – The operative ingredient in much popular prescription ED pills is very effective at helping men achieve erections but may counteract some heart medications.

Testosterone replacement – Low testosterone levels can create libido problems and interfere with proper erectile function. Replacement therapy can help men by increasing their desire and ability to attain an erection.

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