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Who Should Have I.C.P. Treatment?

I.C.P. treatment (short for intracavernous pharmacotherapy) is often recommended for many men suffering with sexual performance issues.  I.C.P. is an injection of FDA-approved vasodilators into the spongy tissue of the penis, and is often very successful in inducing lasting and natural feeling erections in just a few minutes time.

I.C.P. treatment has helped many men with:

Premature ejaculation (PE) – I.C.P. treatments can help men maintain an erection lasting up to one hour, regardless of climax
Impotency – I.C.P. has helped many men who previously were unable to achieve an erection at all. Vasodilators found in I.C.P. treatments help expand the blood vessels in the penis and improve blood flow, which contributes to a strong erection.
No success with ED pills – I.C.P. treatments are well established and even predated many of the oral medications that are common today. It is often successful for men who have previously tried ED pills without success.

Could I.C.P. Treatment Be Right For You?

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