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We Have Effective Impotence Remedies

Impotence is a serious health problem but the good news is it can be treated. It is important for men with sexual dysfunction problems to see a doctor because more often than not erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of a cardiovascular issue. Although there are many treatments available to help men overcome impotence and ED, intracavernous pharmacotherapy (or ICP) is the most commonly prescribed of impotence remedies available through The Boston Method.

Why ICP?

• ICP is scientifically proven to be very effective at treating impotence. A study by the International Journal of Impotence Research found that ICP’s total success rate was 94.3% in helping men with cardiovascular diseases who could not use oral medications.
• ICP is fast-acting, helping men achieve an erection in as little as five minutes.
• No side effects! ICP is applied locally and won’t counteract any prescription medications.

Ready to see what ICP or any of our other impotence remedies can do for you? Make an appointment with a physician at Boston Medical Group by calling 1-877-895-7625.

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