Talking With Your Partner

The Social Impacts of Premature Ejaculation

Sex is an important part of our overall physical and psychological well-being.  When suffering with premature ejaculation, men often experience feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and low self-esteem, and ultimately depression or aggressiveness can develop over time.

In intimate relationships, men with PE often seek to avoid sexual encounters with their partners, leaving the partner to wonder if they have done something wrong or are no longer seen as attractive.  Hurt feelings and confusion often lead to a decline in communication, not only in the bedroom but also in everyday life, which can put further strain on the relationship.

PE can also affect relationships with friends and co-workers.  If a man loses his self-confidence he may not find satisfaction in activities that he used to enjoy.  In the workplace, a lack of self-esteem or motivation can significantly change a man’s attitude and affect his productivity, leading to difficulties with his superiors and others.

Dealing With Premature Ejaculation Together

How to Talk with Your Partner About Premature EjaculationWhile some men wish to hide their conditions, studies have shown that couples who communicate openly and honestly about male sexual dysfunction have the best chance of dealing with the issue effectively.  Men who involve their partners often find their partners are just as interested in sexual intimacy and are willing to lend their support. This makes it easier for couples to do something about the problem, together.

Tips for Talking With Your Partner

  • Be open about your feelings and let your partner know how you are affected.
  • Be careful not assign any blame; instead, discuss what you and your partner want and need, and think about how to achieve these goals.
  • Explore alternative sexual techniques to obtain sexual satisfaction in the interim, while treatment is being sought.
  • Be sure to have an open discussion about obtaining professional medical help and advice.  Stress the health and financial priorities of regaining a healthy sex life.

Taking the Appropriate Action

Intimacy is important in every relationship, and communicating about sexual difficulty may be the first step towards resolving it. In fact, your partner may be waiting for you bring up the subject. Talk to a Boston Medical Group physician about the available treatment options and what might be appropriate for you.