What to Expect

For over 10 years, Boston Medical Group has focused exclusively on the diagnosis and treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Our physicians and supporting staff are extensively trained in The Boston Method®, our proprietary treatment process, and are able to deliver satisfactory results with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

The following can be expected when visiting any of our nationwide centers:

Erectile Dysfunction Doctor

Total Privacy

In order to ensure the most satisfying office experience and optimal treatment outcome, Boston Medical Group centers are specifically designed with patient confidentiality and privacy in mind.  The selection of office location, the establishment of individual waiting rooms, and the strict requirement of appointments for all consultations are designed to enhance our patients’ experience and comfort.  Our physicians are committed to providing personalized attention and addressing all your concerns, wants, and needs. Furthermore, all diagnostic tests are completed right in the office without the need for off-site travel.

Highly Experienced Physicians

Boston Medical Group’s physicians have dedicated their medical practices to the treatment of men’s sexual health, and are among the most dedicated, experienced physicians available today.

On-site Diagnostic Facilities and Treatments

All testing and treatments are conducted by the treating physician in the centers themselves and require no outside appointments.

Personalized Treatments That Deliver Results

Our physicians use The Boston Method® to provide personalized treatments to each patient based on their individual conditions, needs and expectations.  The treatments are safe and effective and have been successful for men of all ages, even in the presence of advanced medical conditions or penile atrophy.

Both Immediate and Long-Term Solutions

Whether your problem is Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation, our physicians can provide a treatment that focuses on both short and long- term results.

For men with ED, our treatments will allow you to immediately achieve and maintain a firm erection. Over time the focus will be to improve your erectile function by improving the circulation and penile elasticity.

For men with PE, our methodology will allow you to immediately last longer in order to satisfy your partner and, over time, establish greater ejaculatory control.