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Depression and Erectile Dysfunction

A male’s ability to perform sexually is dictated by both his physiological and psychological health. Men who suffer from clinical depression can experience fatigue, apathy and low self-esteem which can lead to to erectile dysfunction. Conversely, erectile dysfunction can sometimes cause depression in men who become overwhelmed by the frustrations associated with having a serious sexual health problem and/or not being able to please their partner in the bedroom.

How depression affects erectile function:

• Many anti-depressant medications can have serious sexual side effects, including reduced libido or an inability to achieve a strong and lasting erection.
• Studies suggest that up to 82% of men who suffer from a moderate to severe form of erectile dysfunction also have some symptoms of depression.
• Over 70% of people with depression report a loss of sexual interest.

The men’s health experts at Boston Medical Group have been helping men with erectile dysfunction and depression for over ten years. Many doctors can treat you for depression, but The Boston Method provides our physicians a wide range of options to treat erectile dysfunction that you can’t find anywhere else. You may find significant improvement in your sexual health after just one visit.