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Injection Therapy Treats ED Reliably & Successfully

Injection therapies, like intracavernous pharmacotherapy (ICP), are often very effective in treating erectile dysfunction, even in men who can’t take popular ED medications. Injection therapy involves a small, painless injection of FDA-approved vasodilators into the penis to increase blood flow, causing a firm and lasting erection.

Injection therapy can help men with:

Impotency – Injection therapy has helped many men improve blood flow to the penis and achieve strong erections within a few minutes.  These therapies are often recommended for men with medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure which can contribute to erectile dysfunction.
Premature ejaculation – Erections brought on by ICP do not subside after orgasm, but rather when the medications wear off, which can help men stay hard longer.

Boston Medical Group’s network of independent physicians has expertly treated many men with injection therapy, and they can tailor a personalized plan with the goal of improving your sexual performance. Many men see the results during their very first visit to the medical center.  Still have questions about injection therapies? Just fill out the form to your right and a representative will get back to you promptly with a personal response. Get more information: Injection Therapy (ICP) Treatment.