Questions About Male Enhancement Treatments?

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Looking for the Best Male Enhancement Treatments?

Looking for the best male enhancement treatments available? Well, most products you see on TV claiming that they offer male enhancement are not FDA-approved and not proven to help you have lasting erections. At Boston Medical Group, we offer intracavernous pharmacotherapy or ICP one of the best male enhancement solutions available.

Why is ICP the best male enhancement treatment?

• A study by the The World Journal of Urology found that ICP can improve the sexual function in 81.6% of those with vascular impotence (blood flow-related) and 100% of patients with psychogenic (psychological) ED.
• It can help men last for up to an hour. ICP erections do not subside after ejaculation, only after the medication has worn off.
• It’s fast-acting! ICP injections can have men ready for sex in as little as five minutes.

Why bother with male enhancement pills when you can get real, FDA-approved treatments prescribed by actual doctors at Boston Medical group? Call us today at 877-697-7994 to get the best male enhancement treatments available.