What Studies Show About ICP

Intracavernous pharmacotherapy (ICP) has been around since the early 1980s and has been rigorously studied by scientists and proven to be a very effective treatment for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). Here are a few studies that further show just how effective ICP is at helping men with sexual dysfunction.

Actas Urol Es., 1998

This article from the Spanish Association of Urologists found that the effective use of ICP in men has led to the realization that most cases of ED are the result of the inability of smooth muscle tissue in the penis to relax. ICP relaxes the smooth muscle tissue in the penis allowing it to be engorged with blood, creating an erection. The study says that after over 15 years of the use of ICP, the treatment has proven to be over 85% effective in treating men with ED. The article also says that ICP is a safe treatment as well. “Alprostadil i.c. [ICP] injection (PGE1) is an effective (> 70%) and safe treatment, and its use has been accompanied by an increased quality of life of patients, with very few side effects. Currently, PGE1 is a first choice drug in the treatment of impotence.” The article also believes that after the initial administration of ICP, a doctor’s follow up is crucial. We at Boston Medical Group believe the same and always stand by our patients throughout their course of treatment.

The Journal of Urology, 1987 Sept.

This research study found that ICP was highly effective in helping men with spinal cord injuries achieve an erection. The study included 52 men and all of them were able to achieve erections through the use of ICP. After the study ended, 71% of them continued to use ICP on a regular basis.

Urology: Official Journal of The International Society of Urology, 1991 May

ED can either be of a physical or psychological nature. This study conducted by Weiss, Ravalli and Badlani involved the administration of ICP to 20 men who had psychological ED and after treatment all 20 men were able to attain erections. After the study, all “20 proved suitable and began self-injection in conjunction with sex therapy; eight patients had return of spontaneous erections without pharmacotherapy…” So in essence, ICP worked for all men and eight were cured of their ED altogether!

International Journal of Impotence Research, 1998 Dec.

This study found that ICP was highly effective in helping to treat men with psychological ED. “Of the 153 patients included in our study 98 (64%) needed the injection for less than three months, only 18 (12%) patients needed the injections up to one year. We concluded that intracavernous self injection of vasoactive drugs is an effective alternative in the treatment of men with persistent psychogenic impotence when sex therapy is unsuccessful.”

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