Why Men Prefer ICP Over Pills

Most people outside of medical circles believe that the most effective erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment on the market are the pills they see advertised on TV. Although they are very effective at helping many men overcome ED, most of the men who have tried intracavernous pharmacotherapy (ICP) actually prefer it to ED pills. ICP has been helping men achieve lasting and rigid erections since the early 1980’s and still is regarded as one of the most effective, scientifically-proven ways to help men with ED.

Here’s how ICP stacks up against ED pills:

Overall Effectiveness

According to studies provided by the leading manufacturer of ED pills’ website, 82% of men who use the pills report improvement with erections, which are very solid results. But, a study by the World Journal of Urology found that ICP injections were even more effective. After an ICP injection, “…erections were achieved in 97.2% of patients with neurogenic [nerve] impotence, 81.6% of those with vascular impotence [blood flow] and 100% of patients with psychogenic [psychological ED] and hormonal impotence.” Also, many who suffer from vascular impotence cannot take ED pills because they can interfere with heart medications.

Almost All Men Can Use ICP

Because it is applied locally and doesn’t counteract with any prescription medications, ICP is right for just about all men. For the most part, ED is caused by poor blood flow, nerve or arterial damage due to diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure. Many men who have cardiovascular problems are on medications such as nitrates for chest pains that cannot be taken in conjunction with ED pills. The International Journal of Impotence Research found that ICP’s total success rate was 94.3% in helping men with cardiovascular diseases who could not use oral medications.

It’s Fast Acting

Most of the time, people don’t plan ahead before they have sex. Men with ED who take pills will have to wait 30-plus minutes after taking the pills for them to achieve an erection but men who use ICP can be ready in as little as five minutes. Also, men who use ICP do not need any sexual stimulation to achieve an erection.

Side Effects

ED pills can cause distortions in the ability to perceive color, headaches, facial flushing, priapism (an erection lasting over four hours) and even heart attacks. ICP has relatively few side effects, including priapism and potential bruising at the injection site. But, after being trained on how to perform an ICP injection from a board certified physician at Boston Medical Group, few men encounter these problems.

Long-Term Positive Effects

In a study by the Institute of Urology at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel in which men who previously could not achieve an erection without ICP used the treatment for three years, some began to have spontaneous erections once again. After the study, 10.6% of men could have sex without an injection and 13.4% could sometimes perform without an injection.

Find Out What’s Right For You!

If you’re looking to choose which ED treatment is right for you, why not consult a physician at one of the 22 Boston Medical Group locations throughout the U.S. and abroad? Through The Boston Method they can diagnose the reason for your ED or PE problem and find the treatment that’s right for you. You don’t have to live with sexual dysfunction and one visit may be as little as you need to regain full sexual performance. Call Boston Medical Group to set up your appointment today at 877-895-7615.

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