Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can occur in men of all ages. Although, it is often common in older men. Many times, erectile dysfunction can result to lower libido and irritability in men.

Most men believe that low testosterone and sexual dysfunction are evident signs of aging. However, ED and poor libido often associated with low testosterone are reversible cases. Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) can help reverse common low testosterone symptoms. HRT is necessary for men to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone in men:

Mood Swings

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

In men, irritability and low testosterone levels are closely linked. Several researchers believe that low testosterone levels affect men’s disposition as they age. Often times, older men with low testosterone and sexual dysfunction are easily anxious. On the other hand, men who have HRT exhibit lesser mood swings.

Poor Libido

What can cause lowered libido? Testosterone is a hormone responsible for male secondary sex characteristics. Low testosterone levels can lower men’s libido. As a result, they often suffer from an unproductive sexual life. Therefore, it is best to discuss sexual concerns with a specialist.

Low testosterone levels can lead to sexual dysfunction and impotence. Erectile dysfunction can seriously hamper a man’s sexual relationship. Also, it can lead to a psychological dilemma such as low self-esteem, denial and depression.

Low Energy

Men with low testosterone and erectile dysfunction mostly suffer from loss of energy. For an instance, physical activities that were easy before will take more time and effort, to accomplish this time. Low testosterone can also affect the ability to recover after strenuous exercise. Generally, fatigue will prevent men from engaging into healthy activities.

Unwanted Body Changes

Most common low testosterone symptoms in men are fatigue and body malaise. Fatigue can eventually lead to muscle wasting. By avoiding strenuous activity, a sedentary male can lose up to 10% of lean muscle every 10 years. This condition is known as Muscle Atrophy. Also, lack of lean muscle will increase the likelihood of weight gain. Low testosterone levels can also lead to fat accumulation around the waist.

Normal testosterone levels are necessary for a healthy heart. As testosterone level decreases, cholesterol and triglyceride levels also increase. Low testosterone level is often associated with dilation of coronary arteries. In addition, it also predisposes men to hypertension and high fibrinogen levels.

Testosterone plays a significant role in men’s overall health. A drop in testosterone at the age of 30 is a natural adaptation of the body as it ages. However, men suffering from common symptoms of low testosterone should immediately consult a doctor for treatment. Therefore, early diagnosis is important to prevent serious effects of low testosterone and erectile dysfunction in men.